Profesor Ayudante Doctor
Address: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Departamento de Matematicas
Avda. Universidad, 30
28911, Leganes, Madrid, Spain
Office: 2.2.A.05
Phone: +34916249099

Marina Delgado Téllez de Cepeda received the Licenciatura Degree in Physics from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1997 and the Ph. D. Degree in Engineering Mathematics from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2004.

She did a postdoctoral at the Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña in 2005. She is now an Ayudante Doctor at the Dpto. de Matemáticas in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

She belongs to the GMC network, whose research interests are Geometry, Mechanics and Control, with all its interrelationships. Her research work is Singular Optimal Control Theory, from different perspectives, such as geometrical, numerical and analytical. In particular she has worked on several algorithms for Linear-Quadratic Systems from the numerical and the analytical point of view. She is also interested in doing research in Geometrical Quantum Control Theory.

Her teaching at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is Algebra and Calculus. The University is now immersed in the Bolonia Process as a pioneer university. She is also teaching at the UNED in Physics, Technology and Biology for ten years.


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